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"Where every dog is a Top Dog"  

The Owners and Staff

Alpha Dog is owned by David and Valerie Hurwitz. David has 5 years of experience in training and pet sitting in addition to years in the entertainment field. Valerie was raised with many different breeds of dogs and is an expert in the relations of humans. She is a director of such at a leading charitable organization in Portland. Both grew up in homes that always had pets. They make it their #1 priority that your pet get lots of attention, and has tons of fun during his/her visit. As you can see, the Alpha Dog Daycare ownership team has the kind of expertise needed to satisfy both you and your pet.

Owners - David and Valerie Hurwitz

The staff at Alpha Dog are naturally dog lovers.  They are committed to the safety and welfare of your pet during their time at Alpha Dog.  They all have behavior training.  They understand the different body language, facial expressions, dynamics of the pack. If they haven't been trained before hand Alpha Dog provides for training in first aid and CPR.  We bounce ideas off each other and relate our experiences in order to pass along any knowledge gained that can be of value to everyone who works here.

Our commitment is that at the end of the day your pooch is happy, tired, healthy and ready for another day at Alpha Dog.


Our Hours
  Monday - Friday
  6:45 am
- 6:30 pm

  8:00 am- Noon

  Sundaysexcept for pickup and drop off of boarding dogs. Call for specific times.